OEM V Belt Pulley with CNC Machining process for driveline

Material :steel , alloy or aluminum

Application :drive line pulley

Surface :oxide or paint


Our service 

Cobest Machinery is specialist of OEM industrial parts especially for power transmission products.

Our product include :

—-Power transmission parts :sprocket,timing belt pulley ,gear ,shaft ,housing,flange
—-Precision CNC parts
—-Casting parts:fittings/valve/connector/plate/brace ects
—-Stamping parts:clamp/clip/stand/sheet metal stamping ects

We follow standard of ISO 9001:2015 . Our components are widely used in Auto,building ,agriculture,home appliances,solar,energy,mining,furniture,home appliance ,and various other  industries.
We have the capacity to make your special parts quickly, accurately and competitively.

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