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Working in the customized parts industry ,we all should understand that it is difficult it can be to find a supplier that is capable of meeting your precise needs and requirements.At Cobest ,we have extensive experience working with the parts industry. 

With principle of professional, efficient ,accurate , we Cobest  insist on making high quality products. The  quality inspection throughout the entire production process ,from raw material ,to surface and package .

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We’d love to talk with you deeply about your project,requirements and timetable.


At Cobest ,we chose the right equipments for different parts to meet our client’s special requirements. Our equipment is young and energetic, and it is well maintained and can meet the requirements of high precision.


Cobest offer OEM service ,Engineering service and Manufacturing and any other parts service. Just talk to us your needs ,the left we do for you . 


Cobest works with all metals and most of plastics, such as , carbon steel ,stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, ABS , Acrylic,Nylon,PVC,PP,PC and a variety of specialty materials

Inspection Service


Coordinate Measuring Machining

Hardness tester

Rockwell and Vickers hardness test

Tension tester

Tension and Compression Elongation Tensile Strength Test

Image Filtering

Salt spray testing ,test finish parts corrosion resistance