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Cobest are a fast-growing company who are professional at supply customized parts with metal and plastic raw material .We offer superior metal &plastic  fabrication capabilities, including casting /CNC/stamping/forging/cold heading and plastic injection forming processes. We’re able to minimize costs and reduce delivery times — while complying with our clients’ detailed specifications and rigorous requirements.







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Custom parts are widely be used in various industrial field include Auto, Machine, Construction, Agriculture , Electronic ,appliance, solor ects.
 Once we received your drawing and specifications ,our engineer can assist you with right material ,the most efficient process and finish treatment selection  according to the application environment requirements  to meet your timelines and specfications
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Available Products

CNC Parts

shaft/gears/fabrications ects .


Stamping Parts

sheet metal stamping/bracket/shelf ects


Casting parts

fittings/pipe/valves/frame/housing ects

Forging Parts

hardware/clamp/sockets/bearing ects


bolt/screw/nut/pin/anchor ects

Plastic parts

plastic frame/housing/cover/bracket exts

 We’re ready to meet your short-run or high-volume production needs

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Professional Quanlity Control Team

Comprehensive Capability

On-time Delivery

24 hours on-line after sale service

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Customer Voice

I would like to thank Cobest Machinery and staff for their assistance in creating and providing our company with new and exciting componentry for our initial product line. Cobest's support and ideas to supplement our own has been invaluable and we look forward to further cementing this newly formed relationship as Manawai moves forward in the expansion of its business and ultimate production of further OEM products
Appreciate Sophie and Cobest providing professional solutions of bearing to our equipments .They have expertise and experience to creat custom-designed components as well.And the parts we brought from them have been also proven to have good quality
America automation
Cobest really do high quality ABS housing and frame for our PDA terminal .Thanks for their hardwork.And I like to work with sophie, she make me feel professional, comfortable and smooth.Thanks for all help.
Xuelei Yu
Urovo ,China