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One-stop and small order service

Cobest Machinery is a professional company specializing in the supply of custom parts for various industries such as automotive, mining, agricultural, construction, and energy.We offer a comprehensive one-stop service, covering everything from raw materials to surface treatment and packaging. Additionally, we are pleased to accommodate small orders.  We possess advanced metal fabrication capabilities including CNC machining, casting, forging, stamping, welding etc., enabling us to effectively reduce costs and shorten delivery times while meeting our clients’ precise specifications and strict requirements


Power transmission parts

Power Transmission Parts

Gears/Belt Pulleys/Sprockets/Hubs/Shafts

auto parts

Vehicle Parts

Brake Disc/Reducer Housing/Engine Case/ects



Ball Valves/Gate Valves/Butterfly Valves

Special custom hardware fasteners

Customized Hardware/Fasteners

Hardware/Bolts/Screws/Nuts/Pins/Anchors ects

other Custom parts

Other Customized Parts

Flanges/Fittings/Adaptors/Plate ects


Plastic Parts

Plastic frame/Housing/Cover/Bracket ects


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Once we received your drawing and specifications ,our engineer can assist you with right material ,the most efficient process and finish treatment selection  according to the application environment requirements  to meet your timelines and specfications

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Our office and production unit are located in an industrial park in Qingdao. Here, 40 experienced employees focus on product development, manufacturing, and sales. The production facility is specifically designed for high-quality steel product manufacturing.Through close collaboration with other metal factories within the industrial park, we have developed extensive metal processing capabilities, including casting, forging, machining, stamping, welding, and more. This partnership enables us to select the most efficient and cost-effective production methods for our customers' specialized parts. Additionally, our dedicated quality control team ensures that each part is accurately delivered. We work hard to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a stringent system that ensures superb process controls and shorten the delivery time to reduce our customer's  downtime .
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Customer Voice

I would like to thank Cobest Machinery and staff for their assistance in creating and providing our company with new and exciting componentry for our initial product line. Cobest's support and ideas to supplement our own has been invaluable and we look forward to further cementing this newly formed relationship as Manawai moves forward in the expansion of its business and ultimate production of further OEM products
Appreciate Cobest providing professional solutions of bearing to our equipments .They have expertise and experience to creat custom-designed components as well.And the parts we brought from them have been also proven to have good quality
America automation
Cobest really do high quality ABS housing and frame for our PDA terminal .Thanks for their hardwork.And I like to work with sophie, she make me feel professional, comfortable and smooth.Thanks for all help.
Xuelei Yu
Urovo ,China